Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Fun in May... Part 2

We finished off May with a bang! My sweet baby boy had his last day of school (first year in MDO) and my sweet baby girl graduated from preschool, after 3 years of MDO, as she heads off to kindergarten.

Bear had a great year. It started out a little rough with a few tears each morning at drop-off, but he always ended the day having fun. And he has learned a lot about playing with others, following instructions, being respectful and maybe even a few "school things". He also loved going to school with Sweet Pea and playing on the rocks with her afterwards.

Here he is on the first day of school:

And here he is on the last day, with each of his teachers

Sweet Pea's graduation was full of emotion. We were so excited for her to celebrate finishing the year, but it was obviously hard to say good-bye to this season of her life. She has been such a joy to watch grow up. Every one of her firsts, is also our first. The school put together a nice little graduation ceremony.

Here is our little Sweet Pea on her very first day of school in 2007:

And here are some pics from her last day and the graduation ceremony:

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