Monday, September 28, 2009

Almost Heaven...

We finally decided to brave an Aggie game with all of the kids. We started taking Sweet Pea when she was 5 months, but we knew Bear couldn't do it the past couple of years. We would take him with us to College Station (aka Aggieland), but one of us would walk around campus with him while the other took Sweet Pea to the game. He's grown up so much the past few months, that when we started planning for the first Aggie game, I just knew he would LOVE the whole experience (it helps that we have 4 tickets this year :) ) And Bubs is such a great baby, we knew he wouldn't be a problem at all.

So, we took off for CS and everyone was excited. We practiced the Fightin' Texas Aggie War Hymn and slept a lot on the way there.

As soon as we drove onto campus, I felt like I was home. I have sooo many great memories of that place. I mean 6 years is a long time to live in one area :). And that is where I met my soul mate and we had so many good times there. It also is nice to see maroon everywhere, rather than orange ;). And everyone is so friendly.
Well, we all had a great time at the game. Bear and Bubs loved it! And of course, Sweet Pea loved it, too. They won, which always makes the trip a little better.
Then, on our way home we stopped by Freebird's. I think N and I ate there atleast 3 times a week in college! For some reason, the burritos taste so much better in Aggieland?!?

Two weeks later, we took Pappy to the game with us. We watched the band before the game and walked around campus and took some great pics. Again, I felt like I was home. Although, walking around campus makes me feel soooo old. I swear those college kids keep getting younger and younger.

This is Quackers, the class pet from Sweet Pea's school. It was her weekend to show her a good time and I think she succeeded :).
I was glad to get some picture of the kids and my dad. There's no pressure, BUT, if any of them decide to go to A&M, they would be 4th generation Aggies. My grandpa was class of '43, my dad was class of '64 and I was class of '98. N's dad played football there for a year and N was class of '99 and his brother E was class of '98. Needless to say, there are a lot of Aggies in the family. I love how Sweet Pea is so proud to tell all of the longhorns around here that she is an Aggie. She's excited to know that people are longhorns, too.

And I know Bear has already been brainwashed because as we were watching the Cowboys' game, he kept saying, "Gig 'Em Cowboys". Man, I love that boy!

And lastly... Here's a picture of our family in front of the century tree. This is where it all began when N proposed 8 years ago, tomorrow. (It's a tradition for men to propose under the tree).

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Another First

The first day of school was bittersweet this year. Sweet Pea was excited to go back (after not wanting to go for the first two months last year). She has six of her friends in her class and she has two great teachers. On the other hand, it is her last year of pre-school :(. While I am relishing in the fact that I have one more year with my sweet baby girl before she goes to kindergarten, I am sad that I only have one more year.

To make matters worse, it was Bear's first (ever) day of school. Sometimes I forget that he is only 2. He's not the family baby anymore, so I tend to think of him as older. But, when it came time to send him to school, I quickly realized that he is growing up. My first sad moment came when we went to "Meet the teachers". His sweet teacher wanted to take his picture, so he said "cheese" and did his picture dance. He always does the same little dance when he poses for a picture - it's just Bear and I love it. His teacher didn't appreciate it as much and said "stand still, like a statue". All of sudden, I felt sad. I realized that he would no longer be the carefree and always silly little boy. Someone else would be influencing his personality. So the next few days I contemplated keeping him home. But, the fact that he is going to a Christian school with sweet Christian teachers and will be learning to play with kids his age, makes it worth all of the emotional mom stuff.

So, the first day of school went off without a hitch. Daddy stayed home to go with us (I made him take Bear in to class) and MeMe came over to go with us. Sweet Pea was so excited to go see her friends. Bear cried when Daddy left, but he was fine five minutes later when we checked on him. And he was doing great when I called to check on him halfway through the day :).

The best part of the day (and every school day) is when I get to pick them up! They are so happy to see me and they tell me all about the fun they had at school.

Here's my little boy, after his first day of school...

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Happy 5 Months!

Baby A turned 5 months on August 25th. My youngest baby is growing and thriving. I know I have said it before, but really, he is a perfect baby. Maybe it's because our first two were a little, ummm, challenging.
He smiles, laughs, rolls over both ways, sits up with help, grabs things with both hands and can even bring things to his mouth. He loves bath time and swimming - he kicks and splashes the water while laughing. He hugs, walks in his walker, and he loves to be in the mix with his brother and sister.
We have decided to wait until after his six month check up to feed him cereal. He's still waking up once or twice every night, but I love that snuggle time with him, I really do.
He has moved to his crib - this is a picture of him as he's taking his first nap in his crib...

I am trying to cherish every minute of each of my babies' lives, I know I will miss this season. But, isn't it amazing how God makes each day special in it's own way? Every time I turn around one of these sweet blessings does something that makes my heart smile.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Girls' Night

Sweet Pea started dance recently. This girly stuff is all new to me. Sure, I took dance when I was 5 and 6, but I haven't seen a tap shoe since. She is adorable in her dance "uniform". And on dance night, we have made it a tradition to have girls night. Sweet Pea, MeMe and I go out to dinner after dance class with Sweet Pea's friend and her momma (and baby A usually gets to crash the party ~ on account of his milk dependence). I look forward to it each week and I love that special time with my baby girl. I treasure the sweet memories we are making.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The "Bubs" is 4 Months!

Yeah, this is a little late, but I couldn't skip his big milestone.

After four months, Baby A is a big, healthy, happy and super sweet boy! He is very mild tempered, he doesn't cry much at all, he smiles a lot, he eats a lot, and he is loved A LOT! He is still waking up two and sometimes three times a night to eat, but he is so darn good, I can't complain.
The day after he turned four months, he rolled over for the first time. I was able to take a picture of it, but I didn't get the video camera until the second time.

You may want to turn your volume down for this one...

I, of course, took him to have pictures taken and I brought big brother along, too. (Sweet Pea and Daddy had a movie date to see "Up" ~ fyi, they gave it two thumbs up) The pics turned out cute, if you can get past the Pepto Bismal Blue blanket! Yes, it is hideous. I am going to take the pictures back and get a tint added. But, until then, here they are: