Thursday, August 26, 2010

Summer Fun in a Flash

Since we started school this week, our summer is officially over. It seems like it flew by, of course life seems to be flying by these days.

I'll try to cover the summer in a few posts. I'll start with June...

The kiddos started taking gymnastics at the Little Gym. They both loved it and A and I had a good time watching them and playing in the lobby. Bear loved running wild and he even did great doing rolls and walking on the beam. Although, he did like it much better when Sweet Pea was in his class (they went to a couple of make-up classes together). Sweet Pea also loved running around and she did pretty well on the beam and bars, too. And most weeks we would go out to eat as a family and Pappy would join us! I'm already missing "nastics nights".

In the middle of June I ventured out and took all three kids to the Children's museum. It isn't anything special, but the kids had a blast. I think their favorite activity was playing with the parachute man and the pulley. We ended up getting an annual membership, so I am guessing me and the boys will be frequenting the museum this fall.

The following weekend we went to see Toy Story 3 (opening weekend). I think that is the most excited I have ever been about a movie coming out. Bear and Sweet Pea had been talking about it for a year, so they were obviously beside themselves with excitement! We met Pappy at the theater for the second showing of the morning. And I should add that we were not disappointed - it was fabulous! And I even cried at the end when Andy talked about each of his toys.

The following week Sweet Pea and I went to Sea World with one of her friends and her momma. We had the best time! We watched a few shows, rode the Shamu coaster, played in the splash park and swam in the lazy river at the water park. The girls giggled and smiled all day which made my heart happy! I love spending time with my Sweet Pea and getting to see her precious personality.

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  1. My nieces went to Little Gym too! Great place for kids!