Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Fun in May

May was very busy month - We started out on a big trip through East Texas. We spent a couple of nights in D'ville with Pappy. We had fun playing at the park (which I can remember being built when I was in jr high), shopping for our fishing trip and visiting GiGi's grave. I wasn't sure how we would handle the questions, but I think it went very well. Sweet Pea asked A LOT of questions! But, as we pulled up to the area where her grave is, I told them "we are here". And Bear asked, "Mommy, are we in heaven"? My heart just melted.

I am so glad we got that visit in because that would be the last time we would go to my childhood home. My dad sold his house a month later. I am sooo happy to have Pappy so close, but I am also sad to say goodbye to the house I was "born" in and the house where I held my mom's hand as she took her last breaths. I just keep telling myself the memories I have in my heart will last forever:)

Our next stop was my aunt and uncle's lake house in E. Texas. We had an amazing time fishing and just hanging out amongst the beautiful scenery. Both kids caught their first fish! Bear was a natural and Sweet Pea was... well, she very pretty in her fishing gear.

Here's Bear with one of his first fish that he caught on the boat with Daddy and Pappy:
And Sweet Pea and Bear taking a ride in the cart with Pappy - they went exploring:

Here's Sweet Pea in her fishing gear and with her 1st fish:

Bear reeling in a fish all by himself and Daddy helping him get it off the hook:

The kids with Aunt P and Uncle J and all of us on the cart:

Our final stop was to visit N's grandparents in (further) E.Texas. We had a wonderful visit and the kids loved playing with their E.Tx cousins.

The following weekend was Sweet Pea's dance recital. Her class danced to "What a Wonderful World", which is the song my mom chose for the groom/mother-in-law dance at our wedding. I am pretty sure she chose it for Sweet Pea's first dance recital, too. She did wonderful. Although she did keep crossing her legs as she did the dance moves. After the show, I asked her why and she said, "Because I had to tee tee".

And here's the encore... a dance with Daddy


  1. I love this post! The pics at your mom's grave are so special! They are awesome!

    I remember taking the fish off of N's hooks when he was a little boy. Once he caught so many fish that I never got to bait my own hooks, because as soon as I took his fish off and rebaited it, he caught another one!

    And, of course, "What a Wonderful World" is one of my favorites! S and I danced to it for our first dance!

  2. I meant "your" N--not mine! I've never taken my N fishing!

  3. OK, this post made me cry my eyes out. Love you and can't wait to see you and SP soon!!!!

  4. i love bear's comment re: heaven. so precious!

    and i cracked up at envisioning sp's crossed legs throughout the dance! lucky the stage didn't end up being slippery!

    what lake in e. texas did y'all fish at?